She came
she went
On her own accord?
Or was she sent?

She’s laughter, she’s fun
Inwardly young
Powerful and corrective

Times change 
seasons grow 
Now everythings different 
From all that you know 

She’s striking the chord
Yanking your heart 
Asking you to look inwards
Tearing you apart 

But why is she doing this
Oh why must she now
Ripping all you know
Not knowing how

Not fully understanding
The depths of despair
The pain and the trauma
And the reason  she is there

Oh, who must she be?
That creates such a havoc
Slipping chaos and hatred 
And starting the unravel

Stop, look and listen 
To the heart that is beating
And see it is you
That is broken and breaking

You are your awakening 
The voice within your soul
To have broken and healed
Enough to become whole

To build yourself up 
And put you all back together
With a shining of difference
That sees your past farther 

Your truth now it speaks
From your pain you have felt
And healed with a mercy
And all that suggests

You are no longer broken
No longer done
You  are climbing higher
Ascending as the  sun

Hold your heart tight
Breathe through your soul
Believe in the living
Believe you are whole

As you have awoken
And see those asleep
Walk with them to rise them
Sow what you reap

Share your story to others 
help ease their pain 
Bring them brightness and shimmer
Be the sun in the rain 

Go boldly my darling
Take each step ahead
Share your beauty and confidence
Oh let it spread

Be the wind that blows love
Be the love that brightens
Be the the person you need 
And keep all of it tightened. 

Be you, be beautiful. 

Louise Fernando.