How many ways are there to eat an elephant? Well, there might be many, and in different ways, but one thing thats for sure is that unless you are absolutely bigger and bolder, theres no way its going in one sitting. So, heres my tip. Start at the beginning.

Beginnings are always the most difficult i say, there are more excuses that we give ourselves than hot dinners we have cooked!! Let me introduce to the Worlds Best procrastinator = ME. I have cleaned out my car, absolutely obliterated my house with cleaning products weeded the garden and done the most awful tasks to just avoid what i am actually meant to be doing. Does this sound like you? Sometimes we just have to have a word with ourselves and exterminate the negative self talk that fires through our brains. We have to give ourselves the push that we need, because if we don’t then how are you going to get through your to do list. So here are my tips and life hacks to beat procrastination, or at least, keep it at bay.

1. Eat the Slug first = Do your worst task first!!! Then once its out the way, there is nothing that will be as bad as that first task. No one wants to eat slugs all day, even if you enjoy them.

2. The 15 minute rule= If all you do, is a task for 15 minutes then do it with the correct focus, you will get lots done. No distractions, complete focus. 15 minutes is not a long time, but with focus in can result in amazing outcomes.

3. Think of how you will feel after you have done each task, or you have ticked all of your to do list off. Think of how exhilarating it is to finish something off that you have started, seeing the end result, reaping the rewards. Also think of how dissapointed you may if you don’t complete

4. Hide and turn off your distractions. Whilst you are scrolling through someone else’s life, you are taking the focus off your own. Keep your eye on your own ball.

5. Plan a Reward. We all love a reward. Even if its a cup of tea, a biscuit or that new dress you have aching for. Rewards bring satisfaction and then you have something to aim towards. I always make a cup of tea in between my 15 minute blocks or i browse social media as a reward. Or alternatively phone a friend or family member in between breaks.

6. The 1% rule. By doing something small daily you will create something larger later on in the future. Think of the bigger picture. So, i normally attempt to write daily approximately 500 words per day. Over 7 days that is 3500 words! Over a month that is 11,000. Think of it that way! This is enough to stop procrastinating alone!

7. Get an accountability buddy. Someone who checks on you to make sure you are meeting the tasks that you set out to do. Or start an online forum, where you can encourage each other. People thrive on helping others, and its enjoyable to see someone do well. Maybe you could be someones accountability buddy too.

8. Create a list of all you need to do, and tick each box as you go down your list. Stay focused on the tasks and don’t go off on tangents. I have often been looking for one thing, and before i know it, i have my bedroom turned upside down whilst looking at photos, reading cards and dressing up. FOCUS!!!

9. Be Kind to yourself. What you don’t need, is to bringing out that stick and beating yourself to a pulp. We have off days and there are days that we just need to take a rest. One day doesn’t do any harm, and as long as you are able to get back on it, then don’t be so hard on yourself!

10. Now stop procrastinating, get your to do list out and go get em!!!!!