Everyone has a dream. We all have something we want to pursue, even if you are not ready to admit it yet. Someone reading this, wants a new career, a new hairstyle, a new car, to travel all over the world, to start a new business, to burst out that song and dance, to break free from the norm, write a book, make a film, the list is endless. There is something you want to do that you wish you could! And my question is, if you aren’t already doing it, then why are you not starting?
Ill tell you why. Because you are fearful of what might go wrong, or fearful of what others might think. You’re worried you’ll make a mess and be exposed to others. It is also about the excuses that we make to ourselves so that we don’t push out of our comfort zone. We play it safe, but we play the same record over and over, because it feels familiar and comforting. And change feels scary.


Deep down you know its FEAR. We fear the change and fear what may happen as a result of it. What If you are to drop the “HOW am I going to do this” and think of the “WHY you want to do this”. Think of the amazing ideas you have, think about the feeling of doing what it is you want to do. The feeling of exhilaration and excitement. The feeling of your vision actually coming to life!
Unfortunately we do live in a subjective world of opinions. We hear the media slate people, we hear sniggers and jokes about other people In settings we are in. We watch people get torn to shreds on social media and it puts you off. It puts you off fulfilling your dreams because you are scared of what others may think or say. You may fear being “ Different” because its not society “ norm”. You will not face humiliating yourself for the purpose of someone else’s amusement. Or you fear failure.


What if you were to push yourself out of your comfort zone? What if you could absolutely make a break with your idea, or it could change your life and the lives of others . Would that be enough to have you push through that FEAR barrier?   FEAR is scary and it makes me shudder at times. It also makes me want to curl up in a ball and hide from the world and pretend that its not going on. But, what I can tell you, Is that the most amazing moments of my life have happened when ive let go of the fear and ive just embraced it.


When ive got out of my own way and plunged forwards I’ve had extraordinary results . I can also say that any failures or setbacks ive experienced have catapulted me into bigger and better areas of my life and have genuinely been for the better. I have at times used my fears and adversity to challenge myself and stimulate growth. Despite being fearful, ive kept going. Despite the odds, the feeling of that burning desire keeps me going. That GRIT and the DETERMINATION.

There are times that Ive been so scared to do things, try new ventures and put myself out there. After pushing myself I have felt exhilarated and amazing. These feelings outweigh the worries. It is a brave move to be different, to abscond from the “ norm”.

I understand its worrying to think of how something may pan out, and what may come of it all. Don’t worry about the HOW and pay attention to your WHY. Don’t self destruct your plans with fears and judgements, but reconstruct your thinking to allow you to step out of worry and fear. Once you acknowledge that its fear, its meaning can dissolve.

Because FEAR is something we feel from within. Whether its from spiders, or jet setting across the world. Its all felt from the inside. And whilst we have no control over the outside and external stimuli’s, you can learn to control what goes on within you. You can learn to push past those fears. You can learn to gain power of your fear.

We are in a society where everything is fast paced, we have Instagram and facebook at our fingertips, we have a meal delivered to our doors in minutes, Amazon packages within 24 hours. We are on fast forwards for most of the time. We as a society struggle to slow down. What if you were to slow down and get off the fast paced lifestyle and actually pay attention to yourself. What if those little ideas that you are having, are super brainwave ideas and a part of you steering you In the right direction. What if you were to actually take the plunge and do what internally you are screaming at yourself to do? DARE TO BE DIFFERENT

It is this world and reality that can stop you facing the fear and breaking out and doing what you inwardly and secretly want to do. We are a society of worriers, we shrink into ourselves and say….” Nah ill not bother. Not this time, or there are loads of people doing that, I wont be a success, I wont have enough money, what if I fail. STOP RIGHT THERE!

We tell ourselves that we can’t and we base this on other peoples judgments, tell ourselves that we wont be good enough because we fear ridicule. We worry about looking like a failure in the eyes of our family and friends and other people. We then feel disappointed in ourselves because deep down we want to do what is screaming out. If we don’t, then we live to regret the chances that we don’t take.

What if i told you that no matter what happens that you will be ok.  Would you go for it?  I bet more than half of you reading this, would go for it. Knowing that no matter what happens you will always be ok. What if you were to reconstruct your thinking and think positively rather than self destruct your dream!

What I can tell you is that you will always be ok, and that by taking a leap of faith and trusting that no matter what happens you will be ok.  It is then through this power of belief and having faith, that you will find a way to make it happen. Trust me, I’ve taken countless leaps. Some I’ve fell on my face, but mostly I’ve succeeded. Fear is a normal feeling for people, its healthy and it can really shake us to think of combating what stands in our way.

People are going to have opinions and judgements. Some may ask what you are thinking about doing, some may fear you move forwards without them, some may sneer and turn their nose up. And that’s fine, people are welcome to THEIR opinions. What they think about you is none of your business, and what you do is none of theirs.

Once you realise that we do not have to seek others approval to reach our own dreams then you can really move out of your own way. Once you realise your potential and capabilities there will be no stopping you. You can do this!
If it doesn’t work out, does It really matter? If you don’t try, it will never work out. Better to have tried than to always wonder!

Dare to be different, dare to reach in and be the real you. Dare to tread the path that’s unknown and be excited by the adventure. Do it for you. Don’t let yourself get to 80 and have that bag of regrets. Try it, feel that triumph of giving it your best shot. But most of all, do it for YOU. Because you have a chance, you deserve it. You are important, valuable and worthy. DO IT 😊