Self Development

Here are some of my self help practices that i use on a daily/ weekly basis. These help me remain focused and uplifted. Since i began my self development journey 10 years ago, I have tried lots of different strategies. And these are the ones that I find most useful.

They are great if you are stuck in a rut and find that you are struggling to get motivated. Just one small step can change your life significantly. And small steps lead to amazing outcomes. If you can do 10 mins of just one practice per day, you are giving yourself 70 minutes of the week to improving yourself and becoming the best version of you. Do it for yourself!  I use this practice in the morning, but it can be tweaked to whenever you feel in the zone or have the time to do this!


  1. Meditation 10-30 minutes per day – improves focus, rewires the neurons in the brain
  2. Affirmations – 5 things i like about myself and i write these in my journal
  3. Gratitude – 5-10 things im grateful for on a daily basis
  4. Exercise – 20-30 mins
  5. Visualisation – i visualise all the things i want in life, ive even written essays and designed this site in that state.
  6. Journaling – writing down feelings, thoughts and my intentions for today