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” Don’t Look Back, You’re not Going That Way”


Little About Me:



Let me introduce myself… I’m Louise Fernando and I’m a great believer in life bringing you what you need,  so I therefore believe that you have found yourself here for a reason.  Are you looking to make changes in your life, become inspired and lead a life full of intention and purpose? Then you are just one step away from making that change. 

You know that there is more to life, but you are just not sure how to reach it. You are tired of the same wheel turning, getting the same results no matter what you do. Its led you to feel overwhelmed, burnt out and you have just had enough. You have tried everything and are endlessly trying to please everyone, spinning many plates and pleasing no-one. You want confidence, time and energy to make decisions about your life. To feel that you are on the right track and know that you feel in the right place. Then let me show you how!

I have worked with women one to one for 15+ years in Social Work as an agent assisting deep and transformational change often in difficult situations and circumstances.    I have a passion to empower and inspire women to make changes in their lives and firmly believe, that everyone has the capacity to make changes, they might just need a little help to do so. I too have undergone my own transformation and it is through this, I bring a wealth of experience, insight and knowledge. I work very intuitively whilst raising your  inner awareness which is where the deep transformation happens. Changing your mindset, will change your life. Implementing new strategies will assist in these profound changes and allow you to change behaviour at it’s core, bringing you success and confidence. 

I am a qualified Professional Coach, and NLP Practitioner ( Neuro linguistic programming). I also hold a BA (Hons) In Social Work.  Using NLP techniques and Coaching I help you to dismantle the blocks and fears holding you back, creating strategies to alleviate your discomforts which in turn will enable you to step confidently into who you want to be. I work with you to build confidence, self esteem and become crystal clear on who you are and what you want.   Together we will build strategies  to assist you to reach your goals and for you to step into your full potential. This will enable you to fully experience the life you dream of and create space and energy in your life to do the things you desire.  No more holding back! No More feeling that there is more to life!

In an ever changing world, it is important to keep grounded, and I use several practices to enable me to do so effectively.  I hold a counselling qualification (2008)  have studied mindfulness and I have certification in EFT – Emotional Freedom Therapy. These can be used as part of a package to support your journey. 

Everyone is unique and therefore my coaching is tailored to the individual, but aimed at giving you the best experience.  My mission is moulding your transformation, therefore you will receive the very best service when I work with you. 

I am a registered and qualified Professional Coach,  and a member of The Association of Coaching and ANLP.   I am accountable to their ethics and principles and work in a professional efficient manner. 





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Are you ready to take the next step? To make waves in your life and make transformations that you did not think possible. Coaching combined with NLP creates possibilities and opportunities  that are already within you. I help you to discover who you are and where you truly want to be. Are you leading a life of excellence or just playing small? Let me help you make huge jumps and close the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be! I offer  unique tailored coaching packages with strategies to get you  clear on who you are. Each package is tailored to your need and has a menu of options which will enable you to make the changes you so want to make. Change begins when you make a decision. 

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I offer monthly online Zoom workshops where I collaborate with Effect Coaching, Yvonne Dodd. Workshops are 2 hours long and consist of various topics to assist in your transformation. Together as professional coaches, we  bring you a cutting edge flavour to transition your change and bring a deeper understanding to life circumstances, situations and a way to transform your mindset.