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Hey, my name is Louise Fernando and I’m a great believer in fate and synchronicity, so i therefore believe that you have found yourself here for a reason.  I have set this page up in the hope that  i can empower women to make the changes they desire in their lives.  With regular articles and blogs with other women and their inspiratuonal journeys . Whether you are looking for guidance, direction or you have landed here by chance. I believe that this page will provoke your thoughts and tug your inner wisdom. 

I have worked with the people for 15+ years in a variety of employment settings and I have a passion to empower and inspire others to make changes in their lives. I work with individuals to make changes to their lifestyles using different tools and techniques. I firmly believe, that everyone has the capacity to make changes, they might just need a little help to do so. I too have undergone my own transformation and it is through this, i bring a wealth of experience.

Alongside my passion for supporting individuals to make changes, I have a lifelong passion for reading, writing and self development. It is through these practices that change can be made, with the recognition that change is unique to each person. In an ever changing world, it is important to keep grounded, and I use several practices to enable me to do so effectively. I am a Reiki 2 Pracitioner and have been qualified since 2004, where i have undertaken several refreshers. I also have a counselling skills qualification, and I have certification in EFT – Emotional Freedom Therapy, otherwise known as Tapping. Throughout this site, i will share these practice ideas and information with you, with the hope that it will motivate and inform your journey. Because, quite simply, you are the driver of your own journey, you may just need a little direction to set you off.

My aim is to inspire and motivate you to reach through your fears and grab life with both hands. I will let you see that life does not hold perfection, and that many flaws are beautiful. You can raise your self esteem higher, build your confidence and elevate levels of resilience in order to tackle the world from a different place. It’s all about you and being the creator of your own story.

Please take a seat and enjoy my writing, blogs, information, and of course more importantly, your journey!

Journalling and Writing a New You

Blogs and Poetry

Real Life Dilemmas that will resonate with you, and let you see that you’re not alone on this journey

Inspiration, Tips and Life Hacks

Quotes, and self used ideas to inspire you and give you that push that you are looking for.


Reading is knowledge , and knowledge helps you grow. I share with you, my book lists that supported my own journey.

Start today, be the change you desire to be